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New Game Store, looking for Info


I am in the process of opening Flat Land Games, with the idea of it being a more upscale hobby store. While we will have all the miniatures, RPGs, CCGs, and boardgames of a traditional game store, I am interested in what products and services I could offer that would service the cosplay community. Current plans not only include some degree of food and beverage service, but also private rooms that can be rented for games, clubs and meetings as well as open work space for hobbies.

As someone who wants to cater to all aspects of the game/geek community (please don't take geek as a derogatory, I consider myself one as well) please tell me what you would want beyond what I have listed. While I can't ensure I can carry everything, or immediately, it is my goal to be a bespoke hobby center which means including the cosplay community.

Thanks, anything you can tell me can only help.
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