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Dramatic skits vs. comedy.What's more entertaining?

Hello : )
One year ago my cosplay group made our first skit. It was a Naruto dance/comedy skit, since we only got one week to do the skit AND the costumes. It turned out pretty bad, but the audience loved it and everyone complimented us and we are remembered for that skit now, lol.
This year we made a very dramatic High School of the Dead skit with a bit of comedy in it. It was a lot better than last year, and we got hired to preform a skit at another con i April!! We thought the skit was pretty good, not really good, but OK.
So, for the con in April we obviously need to make a good skit! We have a great idea about a Higurashi no naku koro ni skit, which will be very dramatic. But then we started thinking that maybe a comedy skit would be more appreciated? We only started going to cons a year and a half ago, so we don't know much about what the audience at cons like.

What do you think? What is more entertaining of a dramatic skit and a comedy skit?

(And FYI, here in Norway Higurashi is one of the most popular animes, so that's why we think we can do a dramatic Higurashi skit, and people will still get it.)

Thanks for reading!
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