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I have no dates or anything this early
BUT I'll be wearing Vocaloid Gumi- It's a wonderful cat's life and perhaps Happy Synthesizer outfit too. If i'm doing Gumi I may not do Miku like I normally do but her clover club (project mirai ) is nice.

and I know I will be doing pokemon might do Eevee again and Audino in new ways
And I'll do Inori Guily Crown again after I fix it >_<
Might wear my Chi the cat pjs but it's too hot right?

something always comes up and I pick a random outfit

OMG i forgot all about this!
I REALLY want to do Human Luna from Sailor moon since it's coming out again in 2013
I may only do this if and only if I find Others to cosplay with like a human Diana and Artemus
... And to answer that question "Yes I live here and have nothing better to do "
Next Convention: OTAKON

Sailor Luna - Sailor Moon
Rock Ruff Gijinka - Pokemon
Lion (Gijinka) Steven Universe

Tiger "shark" neko outfit.

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