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Originally Posted by Dictamnus Albus View Post
someone tell me where i was ofensive, cause i really dont see it
I think it has to do more with the sense of entitlement, or trying impose on others for your own self-fulfillment. Either "I'm entitled to be surrounded by pretty women" and/or "If a woman is around me, she should make every effort to dress, act, and look pretty, because this pleases me."

You may not mean it, but it's something of a fine line. Preferences are preferences, and you can't really change those. Just know respect, I mean you are entitled to feel however you want, but when you make an assertion like "why wouldn't she want to be pretty", that's basically not accepting or respecting someone else's decision over something that is their own business.

In short just don't make it sound like you are imposing on others for your own fulfillment, or that you are entitled to others being / acting a certain way.
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