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Originally Posted by TykeJack View Post
I'm not sure why you had to shoot with that high of an ISO. Her shadow is so well defined from a light source that the light source should have been sufficient for a lower ISO. What were your aperture and shutterspeed settings, if you don't mind?
Those shots under the gazebo were taken at ISO H2 (102400 according to the manual), 1/1.8 (85mm), shutter speed around 1/60, varies due to 0/-1/+1 bracketing that I was using. I wasn't as interested in the shadow as much as the illumination.

I am quite impressed with DXO. It does have the the same kind of 'painterly' effect. You can't expect perfection at ISO 102,400, pretty good for what it does.

"the banding that happens in H2 (and even H1) are pretty distracting" - fortunately this is easy to get rid of, even the topaz filters can do a good job at that.

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