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As a lady who crossplays on occasion, let me just weigh in by saying that I am just as gorgeous when I crossplay as when I don't, and if someone wants to know why I would "want to do that to myself," then they clearly aren't aware of the level of satisfaction I get from both the number of people squealing over my costuming skills and the ability to look in the mirror and see someone completely different in every respect, including gender.

Dictamnus Albus, have you possibly considered that maybe there are women out there whose criteria when they get dressed in the morning (in cosplay or not) might not be "Does Dictamnus Albus think I am utilizing my beauty to its fullest given my means?" Or that, in fact, their ideas of maximizing their potential might be different from yours? Or that they have little to no interest in making themselves look pretty?

(also can we talk about the inherent implication that when a dude crossplays it's either a joke or a sign of some sort of mental illness or something? just sayin')
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