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Dictamnus Albus I think where you run into trouble is with statements like the below. Sometimes it helps if you reread what you typed before hitting submit. You say your words are being misconstrued, but they are also sending pretty clear messages about your opinions, which yes they are YOURS and yours alone. That said, you asked for points, so here are some things with your last post that probably rustled some jimmies.

Originally Posted by Dictamnus Albus View Post
i made 2 statments
first, that i understand cosplay is diferant, its more an artfull expression than just dress up
and i didnt say its okay for men and not girls, its excentric either way
i only meant that i dont care whats guys do,
but for girls, i can appreciate the art and thier motives just the same
its just as a guy, i prefer not to see girls dressed up like a man cause it detracts from thier beauty, even if only temorary
You seem to be implying that you consider women who cosplaying more respectable and appreciable than women crossplaying. In any reader's mind, the opposite would be that female crossplay is not as "meaningful" or appreciable for its "art or the cosplayer's motives" because it detracts from the female beauty, "even if only temporary". Here readers might think, "Hey who is this bloke to tell me what I am doing is not as appreciable or meaningful just because I am not cosplaying a female character?"

From your statements, you sound like you are one of those people who "appreciates female beauty" and there is nothing wrong with that. However, your strict rules about beauty are not likely to be as popular.

Originally Posted by Dictamnus Albus View Post
and second, im perfectly fine with the "tom-boy" look,
its just that when i see women that just seem to not care at all about how they look,
i die inside, cause it shows the corruptant nature of social influence

im not talking bout not styling thier hair, and wearing doilies
i mean, letting thier piercings rot in thier face,
dressing inapropriatly for thier body type... not cause they cant afford otherwise
or even cause their happy the way they dress,
some even blantently make themselves look like crap

i can look at a girl whom most would consider "less then moderatly atractive"
and see the ravishing drop-dead gorgeous vixen behind the veil

i just cant comprehend why anyone with the means, would purposly look like crap
What does this have to do with cosplaying and crossplaying exactly? Readers would likely latch on to the fact that not every cosplayer or crossplayer dresses poorly, has piercings, dresses inappropriately for her body type, or "blatantly makes themselves look like crap". Some people dress well under any circumstance and take pride in keeping up with immaculate hygiene etc.

Your words can also be seen as implying that crossplaying automatically means a female is looking like "crap on purpose" again, going back to your previous statements, because she is not playing up her female beauty to your standards [which you have not spelled out].

Some girls get really fancy and spiff up just for their crossplays. Lest you forget, there are plenty of bishounen and not just burly, bearded lumberjack types of characters. In fact some of these bishounen characters are more fabulous and extravagantly dressed than a number of female characters [think Kuroshitsuji and Trinity Blood-type crazy decadent fashion versus generic chick in chain mail bikini slogging through swamps in a generic video game]. That and there are some male characters that are best pulled off by females. Just some things to consider.

Originally Posted by Dictamnus Albus View Post
but back to cosplay...
again im just fine with crossplay,excentric or not
i just think genderbent is more personal than crossplays or cosplays clone attempt,
but hey, what ever makes you happy makes me happy

someone tell me where i was ofensive, cause i really dont see it, and if you find its the last sentence of my first post, then you compleatly missed the context,
which means, perhaps you are of lesser empathy and moral standing than you would like others to believe
Finally, where people will probably call you out most is that you are putting your interpretation on what is more personal is kind of "offensive" to others. People are in this hobby for many reasons, many of which are different from your own, which is completely okay. Different strokes for different folks. That said, no one wants to hear that their choice in cosplay is not meaningful or personal. It could easily be something very big for them.

Overall, I do not think you are a bad guy, I think you need a better way to get your thoughts out with careful wording. Your have every right to hold the beliefs that you do but realize that there is right and wrong way to express them and you have to watch yourself when doing that. As a female crossplayer/occasional cosplayer, I honestly could not care what you think about my costume choice. My characters tend to be fancier than how I dress for my office job so please consider that crossplaying is not the same as a female "letting herself go" or "ruining herself".
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