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Off the bat, I'd like to say that I really like your costume and appreciate the effort you went to detail it, and the wig too!
Since your query was specifically on make-up sp-fx, I'll focus on that:

You've got a good grasp on injury effects. If anything, I'd tone it down just a tad bit to bruises, bruises that have aged from previous fights/sparring, and minor inflictions (like scratches, swelling). What I'd always noticed from watching DBZ (it's been a few yurrs :P ) is that no matter how physically tore up any of the fighters got, their faces were truly affected. I think you can go off of that and apply some light bruising/scratching effects and ALSO apply the shadowing/highlighting necessary to complete a serious, dramatic look.
Whenever I watched DBZ back in da day, the dramatic element was so prevailing, you saw it on the character's faces. I'm sure you can replicate that with some simple cheek/temple/jaw line shawdow- just ti give your character the intensity that they have in the context of a fighting narrative. :3

So, tl'dr;
Slightly tone down the 'all tore up' effect (at least in the face, the body is always messed up in the source material), & emphasize your natural cheek/jaw lines with shadowing/highlighting in order to extenuate the masculine/powerful persona of Goku (even if you're a lady!). With your facial structure, you can definitely work the makeup to make you look powerful, but not manly at the same time if that's what you're aiming for...otherwise, go all out and add heavy effects to amp the manly!

I'm more experienced in costume construction than sewing, but I've got a good grip on stage and theatrical makeup. I'm very impressed by your injury effects on the whole, well done! :3
In the future, it could be interesting to see you do a well-known character in their lowest state- like a sailor moon at the point of defeat. Just some food for thought!

Costume-wise, well done! Other than some seamage issues on the wristlets, you've done spectacularly! I'd love to wear your costume.
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