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Originally Posted by ImNewHere View Post
I'd give you some of my bit extra!

Here's a pic of me trying on the costume I will be wearing at a Halloween party. No makeup on, the cat ears and tail are not on either, and the corset wasn't all the way in since it would have easily went another 2 inches and still been wearable for me all night long. Anyways, here's the pic. Yeah, I know I don't pass, but one of my co-workers wants me to do this. She want's me as Ms. Tennessee, but I am going to toss in cat ears!

scary pic of me in a dress
nice did you have to wear a corset or something with this? i was thinking to use one of those tummy tuck things to try and reduce how much the stomach can stretch outwards
Cosplay should be Enjoyed by everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, or anything else.
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