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Latest Crop of Higher-End Nikon Cameras

Anyone want to share their opinions/thoughts on these Nikon model offerings (sorry Canon users but your line seems pretty well defined)? Just a curiosity question so no need to go into a full-blown technical review.

Specifically, the:

I use the D700 and donít need to upgrade since my camera isnít holding me back but I do like some of the new cameraís features. The problem I have about these models is this: Each has something I like but none has enough of the things I like to consider switching

D700 (Reference)
I like the clean iso 200-6400, 8fps with AA batteries in grip, 51 point AF, 8000 shutter speed, converts from D3 style with grip to smaller form-factor without grip, good tonal range, and button layouts are easy to use with one hand.
I donít like the lack of easily switching between settings, no video, and heavy for its size. I could say the 12 mp sensor but honestly I donít recall a need for more with the prints Iíve made but could use a little more headroom for crops.

I like the U1/U2 feature and the reasonable 24mp sensor. I like the lighter weight and video capabilities.
I donít like the 5.5 max fps, 39 point AF, 4000 max shutter speed, and very little iso improvement over D700.

I like the 36 mp sensor, improved 51 point AF, 8000 shutter, video, and greater tonal range.
I donít like the 4 max fps, if you shoot RAW itís 36 mp only with FX glass (Canon has smaller RAW1 and RAW2), iso performance is nominally improved (same 6400 upper limit as D700).

I like everything (iso could be a little better)
I donít like the fact I cannot afford it
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