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I am my own fulltime business. If the budget is too low, or the time frame is impossible i decline the job. If my quote is too high, they decline the job. But this is what people expect. Yes, everyone has real life issues, but when you accept a commission, you need to do everything possible to finish it by the deadline. Even if you aren't a business, your commissionee expects you to act as such, no matter what the budget. If you agree to it, you are bound to it. If it is actually a rush job, the customer must accept certain situations (weather knocking out power, or you loose an arm) but a standard commission should have no excuse for a failed product, or the product being late. If you have a problem with time management, start a customer list. Take a tiny deposit to hold a spot in line, and when its their turn they pay the ACTUAL deposit, minus the tiny deposit they already had.
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