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I talk about gear a lot on my Youtube channel. :3 Always open to more discussion.

Actually, the D600 was compelling enough for me to put in motion the switch from my existing DSLR system to Nikon (I've consigned most of my gear at a local shop, not selling as fast as I had hoped). Although, with the rash of refurbished D800 floating around, that seems like a far out, yet potential, option too. I'd probably rather put that cash into lenses though.

Feature for feature, Canon seems to charge more lately. It wasn't really on my radar.

- A bit large, as I'm use to Pentax SLRs. Has the nice pro-level FF features like 1/8000th max shutter speed and 1/250th max flash sync speed and a more professional control layout compared to the D600.
- Reports of issues with left focus points, although said to be fixed. This would explain why so many refurbished D800 are around at the moment.
- High density pixel count makes the DX debate of extra reach pretty much pointless.
- Same batteries as D600 and D7000.
- 4fps continuous shooting is slow.

- One of the smallest FF cameras, which I see as a benefit. Still has a nice 100% coverage viewfinder.
- 1/4000th max shutter and 1/200th max flash sync are the biggest negatives, but ISO 50 is somewhat of a help. Being FF is also a help because I would expect to use smaller apertures than I do on APS-C.
- Nicely featured video mode with mic and headphone jacks.
- Very similar to the D7000, which is the camera I have right now (picked it up cheap from a friend to hold me until the gear sells, will be my second as I use primes). Same batteries; dual SD card slots (again, Pentax uses SD)
- AF points are scrunched together compared to other FF cameras, but I most often use the center point alone anyways.
- Lens rental site reported an oddly high level of sensor dust accumulation on their first batch of D600 after being sent out to customers and returned (all 20 had similar dust pattern, normally 4 of 20 is what they expect).

Certainly good, but much too expensive for me personally. Also, too large for my tastes.

Right now, my kit is looking like:
D600, D7000, 20mm f2.8(d), 28mm f1.8g, 50mm f1.8g, and 85mm f1.8g
Can't say I need something ranged, but maybe a super cheap FF capable zoom.
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