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I'm 21, and a senior in college. My current major is Pre-Med with a specialization in Clinical Health Promotions, and I have a minor in classical vocal performance. I'm also married to a wonderful man who has a degree in Physical Chemistry with Math and Physics minors, and he is currently working on his Masters in Divinity.

I am actively involved in my college's comic book club, and I am the Public Relations officer of the forming Japanese Culture and Anime Club. Other than doing those things at college, I cosplay on a normal basis, and go to a plethora of conventions year round. My best words of advice to new college cosplayers is find a friend who has an apartment! I've noticed on here that a lot of you guys are limited in what you can do because of dorms being small. I literally have a ROOM in my apartment dedicated to not just my own, but my friend's cosplay stuff as well; that way, we can keep each other motivated when we work on it

Also, concerning my convention schedule, the reason I'm able to go to so many conventions is because I work for My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe affiliated with Anime USA. Basically, being staff for a convention means that on a first come first serve basis, you can get free passes to other conventions that they are partnered with to work their promo booth in the dealer's room. If you have the time, and would like to go to more cons, I highly recommend becoming a staffer for an anime convention; they're a bunch of great people to work with, and you also can put it down on a resume.

Lastly (I promise!), my cosplay facebook is ,and my dA is I normally don't get on here, except when it's near convention time, so if you ever wanna chat or learn more about cons, college life, or cosplay, hit me up

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