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Originally Posted by Monocle_Complex View Post
Yes, but I'm one of those people where if I get caught doing something I'm not about to deny it and try to play it off by taking a more casual approach to it. Case in point when my eldest sister came to visit when I was eighteen and I was watching it on my iPod. To be honest I didn't think she was right behind me when I was, I thought she was outside smoking so I was surprised when I heard that all too obvious tone "Uhhh, what the hell are you watching?"

Chills up my spine. Touche', you caught me off guard, and obviously if it was something I was really ashamed of I probably might have attempted at making a better effort of hiding it than having it on my iPod. "Watching anime." I pat the seat beside me for her to sit down. There's no backing down now. If I seem too dismissive she might think I'm actually a bit freaked out that she found me like this, allowing her to make more assumptions.

Sit down. Relax. We're sister's here... nothing too strange happening. I know she's looked at the screen, if she didn't she probably wouldn't have responded so awkwardly the way that she had. Still, whether out of reassurance or obligation she sits down beside me. Now she has more than a better look of what's going on in the anime. For a moment or so we sit in silence, until she seemed to have enough of that.
"So uhhh... Monocle. What are you watching?"

Be vague to start out with, I think to myself. I'm not just about to say right off that I'm watching man-on-man action. Acknowledging would be confessing it's soft-core pornographic elements. "A romantic anime. Two guys falling in love, yadda yadda yadda."

By this time she actually seems interested and is scooting closer to me. "Is it any good?"

I offer a small shrug, I can tell she's hooked. The fact she's not getting up. Backing away or showing any inclination of disgust is a good sign. "It's hard to tell, I'm just getting into the series so I couldn't really say just yet. Do you want to listen?" I offer her an ear bud.

And she does, the next time I heard from her she'd watched through the anime as well and called to give me some positive feedback on it.
Originally Posted by CosplayJelly View Post
uv got a really cool sister Monocle. my sister just thinks its nasty.
lol hooray for cool sisters. My sister proudly showed me the yaoi fanart/collection scrapbook her friends made for her in high school. They titled it "Mel's Happy Book". -____- It was just a bunch of fanart and google images printed out and glued to printer paper they stuck in a duotang so she could keep adding pages.

Now we fangirl over slash together, and I started sharing Teen Wolf slash with her. It's awesome. Her exact words the other day were "So, I finished watching Teen Wolf. It's ridiculous. The acting is horrible. But I watch it for Stiles. And Derek. So do you have fanfics? I started looking, but you probably have lots. The raunchier the better "
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