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Originally Posted by mrgetalife View Post
My personal reasons.
D800 - I abuse my D300 for High FPS. The D700 at least hit 8FPS with grip. D800 not so much. That and cost are my stopping point. I might of splurged and went down the dark money pit. But its not "fast" enough.

D600 - Same issue as the D800 but worse with FPS. And now they remove the Multi-CAM 3500 engine. The 51 point is very nice. But the 39 point not so much. I abuse the autofocus engine. I normally use the 9-point on my D300. So you lose a little bit more on the top and bottom. So thats 2 points in my shooting style.
What type of shooting do you do that requires 8fps give or take?

At full resolution, the D600 is slightly faster at 5.5fps than the D800 at 4fps (6fps in DX mode with a grip).
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