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Press badges and other photographer related options.

So what options are out there for us in regard to more than just a simple admission badge?

In the past, I've found normal convention badges to be a bit too restrictive for my liking; some conventions much more than others.

This year I applied for a press pass to Chicago Comic Con and was accepted. Everything went pretty well too. The idea came from the convention photographer ( ) I met at Anime Central early in the year.

Some conventions only offer press/media badges to organizations, so at the moment I can't apply to those. My internet presence is mostly a solo deal, but I did start a website with two other photographers recently.

There are some positives and negatives. Not being hassled in general and allowed into concerts and things is a much welcomed benefit, but on the other hand, cosplaying at a convention I received a press pass to would be a bad idea. It also seems a lot more like work because there is generally some type of requirement like writing articles or offering up photos to the convention afterward.

Have you have any experience with this?
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