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I was at the convention this past weekend, and it was gross. Granted, I went in there anyways because I wanted to buy things, but I felt like I had to hurry up and do my shopping before I was in there for too long due to the conditions. Even worse, I heard that one of the buckets of disgusting, stagnant water spilled all over somebody, and nearly hit an artist alley table. Tons of emrchandise was ruined over the weekend, and it was just a terrible choice overall. The convention was getting too big for it to be held at the Bellevue Hilton, yet they tried to make it work anyways.

I think I feel the worst for the AA people, because from what I was hearing (both on the forums and in person), most of the people BARELY broke even on their table because the location got little traffic. With tables at $75 a pop, you'd think it'd be in a great location with a large table right? NOPE. 1' by 6' tables in a damp and musty parking garage that most people didn't even want to be in. I really do hope they get a refund like many are trying to, but the forums were closed for "maintenence" (i.e., they don't wany any more people seeing the feedback thread and the way the admins responded so horridly to those who made valid complaints).

As much flack as I'm giving, the rest of the convention was actually good.... though the only thing that made it so good were the con-goers I met there. It makes me said that many of my friends won't go next year because of this.

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