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You can ignore it. It's totally optional.

Here's the history behind it:
Anime Los Angeles loves to give a fun geek vibe to the con by decorating the hotel. They post big posters of cosplayers (photos taken at previous ALA's) all over the hallways, and there are beanbag chairs and custom-painted benches all over the place to sit at.

One of the little touches they introduced recently is custom restroom signs. (I think they debuted just this last year? I don't recall seeing them before in previous years.) Instead of the standard "men" and "women" placards you see over public restrooms, these signs denote restrooms for "fanboys" and "fangirls", and the man and woman figures are cosplaying. The "woman" figure has Sailor Moon hair and the "man" figure looks vaguely like he's got Cloud Strife's hair and pauldron. If you're curious, you can see pictures if you run a Google image search for Anime Los Angeles restrooms.

A lot of attendees loved the signs and wanted to acquire some for themselves. That's why they're being offered for sale on the registration page. It's probably easier for the con staff to process by lumping it with reg instead of setting up a separate order system.
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