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Thank you everyone for your time to post.
I am happy to know that my anger, including many others, is not unjustified.

The head of Aki-Con replied to an attendee's feedback email stating:

"As I stated on the forum our theme was halloween and we didnít want carpet or drapes. That was our choice and I think the garage looked just as we envisioned, a spooky halloween warehouse. But i suppose not everyone shared out vision of a spooky halloween con."

This is only one snippet from the entry, but I feel that this is enough to make my point.
I just don't understand how someone could honestly think that this is an OK place to put vendors and artists. I'm just appalled with how Aki-Con is trying to brush this under the run rather than admitting to their faults.

Artists paid $75 for their table and these artists want refunds. I am hoping that we can find a way to get these artists their money back.

FYI. I am NOT trying to shut down Aki-Con by any means. I merely want to stop this nonsense of letting people be put in a moldy, dirty, parking garage. The community is great, the location is not.
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