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Hi guys, I'm planning to start getting into the lolita style, and my friends and I are actually planning to have a photoshoot together as a group after coordinating some outfits.

Suggestions like Sweet Lolita and Guro-loli have both been suggested and considered, but my friends really like Walolita and want to start with that style for the shoot. Due to this, I've quite a lot of questions I'd like to ask members of the lolita community so I can avoid making any mistakes, especially when I'm just starting to get into the community >.<

Also, I've seen several sites where they look down upon Waloli (correct me if I'm wrong) but is it generally not seen as a style of lolita? Some also have mixed opinions on whether Walolita is suitable for newbies, so..

Lastly, would brown with pink highlights be a suitable hair colour for walolita? What other colours are acceptable for waloli?

I'd really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance! >A<
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