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That wig is great Simetra!! (:

My Katara (season 3) and Appa cosplays are almost done. They were done enough or me to wear on Halloween but will get some more updates for Sakuracon such as Katara's necklace, better shoes, and her arm wraps.

For all you Katara cosplayers how are you doin the bun & hair loopies? Right now my bun is a small pillow I made covered with wefts that match my wig then safety pined/bobby pined onto the wig. And my hair loopies are wefts that are glued onto bobby pins on both sides then tucked under/onto the wig. I think my wefts may be too short to make good hair loopies... Should I just get new wefts/cut some from the wig or is there a way to attach wefts to each other? xDDD I'm trying to keep everything removable from the wig for easy storage and so I can use the wig for other costumes.
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