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Originally Posted by angelbabycakes View Post
The con has been running for longer than two's been going since at least 2009. While, it's still fairly new, it is unacceptable to place anyone in this mess. I read a lot about the conditions...which seemed bad, but the photos prove more than words could ever say. This is just disgusting. It apparently happened last year as well, but I've read that they did not alert the AA or vendors that the conditions were the exact same until they all arrived. I do not know whose fault that was...hotel or head of the con, but either way, they should have considered finding another space for the vendors and artists. Part of being in charge of a con is to be able to think on your feet and be a problem solver. If you knew this didn't solve the problem last year, how would you even think it could slide another year? It's just sad. This con should really think more and find a better location before they decide to continue. I've seen photos of cons that took place in an open parking lot with canopies and tents...those at least looked better and cleaner than this, not to mention safer. How horrible.
My apologies if I didn't know how long this convention has been running. I never heard of it till I read this post and someone said it was the convention's second year.
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