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Bleach Gathering - AX 2013

Hey guys! Welcome to the Bleach gathering for AX 13! Here's to hoping we have an even better time than last year. XD Senpai_Cosplay and Britchan have volunteered to help cohost, so we're all set on that front.

Facebook Event:

DATE/TIME - Day 2 (Friday) at 2pm and Day 3 (Saturday), also at 2pm.

I'll be there for both days, though only in Bleach cosplay on day 2 (day 3 I'll be a C.C. from Code Geass) and you're welcome to attend one or both as you like, depending on your schedule!

LOCATION - We're at Site #2 according to the official map!

Please let me know if you plan on coming, and what you're coming as! If, for any reason, you end up not being able to show up, please tell me. Makes things so much easier in the long run if I know you aren't coming.

GAMES - There was some mention of playing some games while we're there. If you have any ideas, or would like to bring anything, let me know!

LUNCH - There is of course the traditional afterwards lunch, for anyone interested. Generally we wander over to a nearby semi-fast food place and hang out for awhile. Denny's is pretty close, as is a Subway, and there's an Ihop a little farther up the street - if I remember correctly. If you have any other options that are relatively close (remember that often people are not in comfortable shoes, and it'll be hot) please let me know!


(There are also over 30 people signed up on FB, and I don't know how much is crossover and how much isn't. FYI.)

Senpai_Cosplay - Aizen, Grimmjow, or Granz

Karakura Group:
Ichigo0213 - Ichigo
SakushiZakai's Friend - Ichigo
SakushiZakai's Friend - Urahara
Zeldasphere - Rukia
Zeldasphere's BF - Bankai Ichigo
Thousandsunny - Yoruichi
Thousandsunny's BF - Urahara
Tsukigrl04's Cousin - Bankai Ichigo
RukiaKitty1 - Lieutenant Rukia
NekoRukiaChan - Rukia
6SempaIImoto9 - Bankai Ichigo
Kai_Ryu - School Uniform Orihime

Skalidra - Nanao
Addy Stark - Soi Fong
Ja-pyon - Soi Fong
Black_The_White's Friend - Nanao
Sadi - Matsumoto
Vagabond1992 - Zaraki
MicOC25 - Hitsugaya
Boosterman - Kira
Tsukigrl04 - Yachiru
Juanswordslayer - Hitsugaya
SakushiZakai's Friend - Matsumoto

Black_The_White - Hiyori
Terqoiz - Love

IshikawaAyumi13 - Halibel
Britchan - Ulquiorra
Mategi - Nel
SakushiZakai - Grimmjow
NadineNightmare - Nel (Espada Form)
SakushiZakai's Friend - Ulquiorra



Sword Forms:
-Katsu- - Tensa Zangetsu

aj5535 - Kuukaku Shiba
Dark1WingAngel - Captain/Vizard Version Naruto
TsukixxHime - Shinigami Lieutenant Hinata

Now since I have a good deal more time to plan this one instead of rushing it together in the last few weeks, I can create a legitimate list of photos we can do instead of pulling them all out of my ass. Please let me know if you want a specific picture, and if the characters show up, we'll do it! Remember, the more warning you give me the smoother everything will go at the gathering itself!

List of Photos to take at the Gathering:
  1. Squad group shots, 1 through 13.
    Group shots for Shinigami, Vizards, Arrancar, Quincies, Humans, etc.
    This: (XD)
(Bleach) Ise Nanao: Done!
(Bleach) Kurotsuchi Nemu: Done!
(Bleach) Hinamori Momo: Done!
(Code Geass) C.C.: Done! I'll be debuting it at AX13!
(Death Note) Naomi Misora: Done! (Not exactly hard though)
(Soul Eater) Liz Thompson: 80% done, still need the damn hat.
(MTG) Liliana Vess: Gathering materials and creating a rough draft, wish me luck to get it done by AX13

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