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Excellent arm workout yesterday.

Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press 135@10,10,10,10
superset with
Dips (Dip Bar) BW@10,10,10,10 (seriously guys who go to gym...try this superset)

Rope Cable Tricep Pushdown 100@12,12,12

Cable Standing Tricep Extensions 80@12,12,10 (last set with one drop set)

Barbell Curl 95@12,10, 105@8,10 (last set rest-pause)

Seated DB Curl 35@10,10,10

Cable Lying Bicep Curl 90@10, 95@10, 100@10 (last set with one drop set)

Reverse Barbell Curl 85@10,10,10


I'm a certified personal fitness trainer as well as a certifiable health nut.

Toshiro Hitsugaya...100% done
Snake-Eyes...100% done
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