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Fate/Zero Fate/Stay Night Cosplay Meetup and photoshoot

Hello all!
Is anyone wearing Fate cosplays at Katsucon this year?
I will most likely be bringing one of my Saber cosplays, either default Saber, casual Saber, or black suit Saber from Fate/Zero.

We will be having a meetup/photoshoot on Friday the 15th at 2:45 p.m. We will be meeting by the gazebo. If crowds are too large we will gather and then move to a different location as need be. If crowds are favorable we will stay in the gazebo area.

I am super excited only a few days left now!!! Even if you aren't cosplaying any Fate characters, please come out to the meetup to discuss the series. Photographers are also welcome to come and shoot at the event.

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