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So I'm trying to make a shirt like the one from House of Holland that HyunA wears in Gangnam Style. Not sure if I should make matte patches from prints and felt (like the badges on my S.M.S. jacket) or shiny embroidered patches, since it looks like the bingo balls are printed directly onto the fabric. Help?
(if it wasn't ~247k KW, I'd just buy the jumper lol.)

Forever21 has the PERFECT pair of shoes for HyunA, too, but I don't want to spend $40 for a pair of shoes I'm going to paint and wear only for cosplay. T___T

Been thinking about cosplaying Fuu from Samurai Champloo lately, too. Probably going to add to my list for later projects.

EDIT--whoa, my profiles here and on ACP are seriously out of date. I have practically no shots from Sakura-Con and Kuroneko-Con posted. .____. definitely fixing on Monday.

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