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I personally didn't attend (I always prefer Sakura Con or other conventions to be honest), but I heard many horror stories from vendors and then good stories from cosplayers. I have been hearing the vendors complain about how they were placed outside in the bad weather. They also pointed out the staff (not the hotel mind you) made more energy priority to the arcade. After some pestering from atendees the hotel staff fixed the power to all the convention hotel.

And yes my buddy did notice the Guitar Hero was badly organized this year due to the location of it. The convention is getting big so many of the areas are too crowded. I have worked at a convention inside a hotel before, you only get waddle room like some of the places you see in Sakura Con. (This is because people walk slowly in the vendor hall though...)

I say that the convention should be moved to the Bellevue Convention Center. The staff can charge more and make it bigger instead of hurting the attendees with too slow of crowds that normally are from only 15,000 people at Sakura Con. Also charging more will mean less teenagers and more parents to make them listen. I heard horror stories about the teens too. (I know not all of them are bad but still, its better to have a parental unit around for those 16 or younger that do cause issues.)

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