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Hey guys! Never posted here before, but this seems to be the place for sharing info and whatnot! I just recently put together a Rose costume for Halloween and I don't really feel like sharing it in my main gallery, but I'd love feedback so I thought I'd post here.

Basically, the jacket was the closest I could get on short notice and had fur on the hood which I removed. My hubby is Ten but we already know he's super inaccurate, since this was just for a Halloween party and his schedule has been crazy. XD We hope to put this together in the future and be more legit. Oh, and the K-9 "costume" for our dog was made the day of the party, too. XD

Does anyone have any wig suggestions for Ten that run a little bit bigger in the cap? My husband has a hard time with wigs because they're inevitably too small for him, and I know he would love one for future Doctor Who-ness.

Thanks in advance!
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