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Originally Posted by Aria Overload View Post
Congratulations on all the weight loss! Losing weight is a good thing, however keep in mind to lose it safely! Don't starve yourself or go on crash diets! And please please remember you're always beautiful no matter what size you are! It's all about confidence!
I wouldn't have said it better myself! I agree, you are beautiful. Though my definition of "beauty" is how kind a person is to others... But another thing to remember is that you should NEVER care what others say about you, or even think! Compliments are nice and all, but there are some people out there who are just nasty with a cold heart.
I, myself, have also been struggling with my weight since sophmore year of high school. But for me, it was due to being stressed, depressed, and i stopped taking adderall for my ADHD.
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