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Shuto Con :D

Oks, so ill be going to shutcon!! it will be my first con! LIKE EVER! im so excited!! I'll be going with my dad, because im only 13 :"( oh well. I am VERY shy and dont like being around large crowds as i feel they will smush me, although i dought that since im 5 ft 2 1/2 inches
I hope to meet some new people, and im worried since i will be the only one cosplaying, and only me and my dad are going.Here is a list of *What i think* i'll be going as:
Saturday:Ciel Phantomhive
Sunday: *Maybe** Alois
So Saturday and sunday are probably going to be kuroshitsuji. if your going to 2013's PM me, or post on this, Maybe we can talk.
P.S Im not talkative at first..
When you get to know me, most people wish I was non talkative!
My Cosplays ~!~
~!~Ciel Phantomhive~!~ 95%
~!~Allen Walker~!~ 0%
~!~Alois Trancy~!~ 0%
~!~Naruto Uzumaki~!~ 50%

Shuto Con~!~ MI, Lansing (2014)

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