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Arrow Fighting Game Characters Photoshoot

I've been checking this forum for a while waiting to see this one pop up, but it hasn't! If i've missed it, please send me a link. Otherwise, here it is!
I scheduled the Street Fighter shoot at AUSA last year (and Katsu.. and Ota..) if you remember me... And I'm back again. I was trying not to be the one to schedule photoshoots anymore, cause it's a lot of work and I don't often get into any pictures, so I'm NOT going to be the "head person" of it this year. I just want to pick a time and see who meets up for the shoot!
I'm thinking:
Saturday: 3pm.
I don't know the hotel well enough for a location. Perhaps someone else can help me out with that. Thank you!
(I'd like somewhere indoors!)
Excited to see what awesome fighters we have!
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