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Originally Posted by Ren-no-chi View Post
I dislike Deathnote immensely. I've never been able to get past chapter 5 or so. I just. Can't. Stand. It. (And I seem to be the only person I know that feels like this...)
Well, not for this particular series, but there are tons of other popular (or at least recommended by friends) series that I can't get into. Some of these I have seen/read more of, some less of.

* Haruhi Suzumiya (though I really want to cosplay since I love Noizi Ito)
* Clannad
* Aria
* Hetalia
* Soul Eater
* Hana Yori Dango
* Hana-Kimi
* K-ON! (though I'll admit to enjoying 2 of the ending songs and wanting to cosplay)
* Ao no Exorcist
* Blood+ series

^ This barely even begins to scrape the surface of "things my friends like that I don't".
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