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I'll be the first to express a Lowlight:
The Marriott.
All the stuff with the wristbands and the "wellness checks" was just a wee bit too Germany 1939 for me. I cancelled my room there Thursday night when I saw what all they were doing, and booked a room at another hotel that was half the price, had free breakfast, free parking, free wifi, and refrigerators in the rooms. On top of that, when one of my friends checked into the Marriott on Thursday, she found that the room had a fifty dollar deposit and a fifteen percent "tax" on top of the price listed. This really got my suspicion up, as sale's tax in MI is only six percent, which is what I was charged at my own hotel. The combined fees all but completely wiped out her cash for the weekend.
Seriously. To hell with the Marriott. I feel like they only resent and distrust the people of Youmacon, and if they don't want us there, then we shouldn't be patronizing them.
The move to the Cobo Center was.... mixed, for me. As an artist, I definitely appreciated having a larger space which allowed for more artists to be in the AA. That said, I felt like having the AA/Dealer's Room in a separate building *really* drove down traffic, as a lot of people simply didn't know how to get there, or didn't want to pay to ride the People Mover/walk through the streets of Detroit. Between this and the above mentioned wallet-gouging the Marriott was pulling, everyone I talked to reported sales being way down from last year.
So yeah. I'll definitely be returning next year, and I'm hoping the situation with the buildings will be a bit smoother by then; but I am swearing off ever giving money to the Detroit Marriott again.
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