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Budget Motels for cons - Melbourne

Already starting to plan seriosly for Manifest next year already lol.

I'm going down with a friend, and we are considering staying at this motel: . It's about 4 blocks from Flinders Street Station (like 5 doors down from Minotaur), which is good for us seeing we don't want the hassle of parking in the CBD (plus P platers dealing with city traffic on Friday night lol). Just wondering if anyone has stayed here before and has any experiences they could share from a cosplayers perspective? (I've read TripAdvisor but just after some experiences from cosplayers as well).

The other motel we are thinking about is , which is located up near QV Market. It's about $50 more a night than the other motel, but still within our reach if the first motel is going to be no good.

Failing these two, does anyone else know any other budget motels in Melbourne that would be suitable for two cosplayers to stay in?
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