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Do you need accommodation for Brisnova?

Hello Everyone.

I am planning to go to Brisnova, and the last couple of weeks I had exam so I didn't book accommodation earlier.

I found a quite expensive accommodation that is quite close from the RNA showgrounds, and it is very big. It is a two-storey unit and it fits up to 4-5 people. Most of my friends who are going there, had already booked their accommodation or they're staying with relatives there.

I am able to afford that place by myself but it will be a waste to have unused empty bedrooms/beds. so if you would like to stay there with me Friday and Saturday because I am checking out on Sunday morning, then please send me PM.

P.S: the motel charges extra $20 per person per night. I would appreciate it if you could pay more than $20 to help me with the rent for that place, but if you really can't then that's fine.
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