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New to Cosplaying

Hi, So I'm completely new to cosplaying, I've thought about doing it for a while and finally decided why not, especially since I need a way of socializing with people similar to me and so cosplaying seemed like a good way of doing that.

The main thing preventing me from cosplaying so far is that I've always been overweight but I'm starting to lose weight (using some of the advice on the fitness forums here) and should be able to get down to a healthy weight (and a suitable weight for cosplaying) by the next con I intend to go to.

Like I said I'm completely new to cosplaying, but also to sewing and all that stuff, and although that might be something I end up doing I'll probably start off buying/commissioning whatever I can, but as I'm knew to this hopefully this site can help me out with that as well.

So yeah. Look forward to using these forums, learning more and gaining some experience and knowledge on cosplay.
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