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Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
A lot of anime is just as bad and generic as any other show from any other country.

Animals don't have emotions, they have instincts.

You like MLP, fine, but seriously, I'm sick of fans needing to mention it at the drop of a hat. Unless the material is directly related to it, shut...up. I don't flip out about pyramid head the second I see a triangle.

Democracy doesn't work, it just works better than other forms of government, and we need to figure out something better.

Breast Cancer has become an advertising tool to take advantage of women. Seriously, don't buy products with the pink ribbon, don't wear pink, just donate STRAIGHT to a breast cancer group.

Mexican food is awful.

Final Fantasy X-2 has fucking awful character design and you have bad taste if you think otherwise.

I'm amazing in bed.

Though as far as I can tell every opinion I voice here is unpopular.
Out of 80's anime you had maybe a small handfull of really good stuff. It's just another art style of cartooning, not the magical Japanese Jesus Juice of life.

I really dislike the Susan G Komen foundation for multiple reasons and fully agree that we have actual ways of helping donate to breast cancer research and cures. October was also domestic violence awareness month but you heard nothing about it because of the 'pink syndrome' that infected every business all over the goddamn country. Susan G Komen has succeeded in sexualizing breast cancer and making it just so fucking kawaii.

Mexican food is acceptable only in the form of chimichangas or tacos. Everything else tastes like butt. I once had dinner with my dad and step mom from Mexico City and what I originally thought was ice cream with chocolate sauce on it when I saw it in the serving dishes but turned out to be some kind of meat.
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