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Originally Posted by D3V1Ls View Post
Animals don't have emotions, that is an endless discussion where even scientist are not able to provide a clear response, since it is difficult to studying emotions in nonhuman species. But you can argue that animals are capable of a range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, empathy, grief, curiosity, anger, anxiety and fear.
Yes, they do show something like that, but until a dog just outright says "I love you master", I'm not convinced. It's like a human baby, parents love their baby, but I doubt the baby loves them, it's not possible, it doesn't understand what it is, but a baby can be scared, happy, etc.

Also, first generation Pokemon was simple, I didn't have to worry about stupid shit like IVs, EVs, STABs and any other bullshit that competitive play did to ruin the series.

Edit - It's also VIABLE to actually "catch them all" because I only have to get 150 of them.

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