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Originally Posted by usuyukisou View Post
A lot of useless people should be Darwin'd out of the human population .___. By "useless", I don't simply mean unexceptional. These people are really not doing anything for society besides being a waste of oxygen.
People like this need to get off their high horse, you are not the pinnacle of human civilization, you do not get to judge everyone else. I'm sick of hearing people saying they essentially think areas of the human population should be wiped for the good of mankind. Nothing good for mankind has ever come from genocide.

Besides for everyone you think is a waste to society and simply shouldn't be here, there's probably someone who feels the same way about you. Me.
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I would have used my awesome space-time warping powers to reach through the internet and throttle your scrawny pole-dancing film-making neck.
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Someone supply with a new descriptive label for Fullbleed. Hipster doesn't even cut it any more.
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