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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
People like this need to get off their high horse, you are not the pinnacle of human civilization, you do not get to judge everyone else. I'm sick of hearing people saying they essentially think areas of the human population should be wiped for the good of mankind. Nothing good for mankind has ever come from genocide.

Besides for everyone you think is a waste to society and simply shouldn't be here, there's probably someone who feels the same way about you. Me.
This. In fact, I reiterate;

Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
Darwin's theory of evolution does not support euthanasia, anti-medicine, selective breeding or any other number of ideas based around "stronger genes" (which the theory not only doesn't mention, but outright contradicts the existence of). If anything it suggests the human race with be at its strongest if as many people survive as possible (smaller populations mean smaller gene pools and smaller chances of survival; cheetahs are a good example of a species under threat because of it).
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