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Double post, sorry! :P So I was able to do a Terra shoot this weekend, and though I did get a few pictures, it went rather poorly. A piece of my sword busted, the area where we wanted to shoot was covered in rude/pushy photographers, and I found that I need to make some changes to my dress. It was a learning experience at least. For my Terra dress though, I used the cheapo plastic boning and I am really starting to see why most people recommend the spiral steel. The plastic has started bowing is really weird areas and I want to fix that before it messes up my embroidery or something. So!! My next project for these few months is to redo the boning for my dress... oh and make new earrings because my new ones busted before I could even finish them. I am making them out of fimo clay this time (yeah no messing around now!). So hopefully I will have some more progress to post here for a while. I hope everyone else is doing well!

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