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I dislike Naruto and One Piece because they are too long. I don't enjoy the art styles. On the other hand, I've invested too much time reading Bleach to stop now even though it's too long, doesn't treat the characters with respect, and half the time I can't tell what the artwork is showing. Also, I am tired of Ichigo unrealistically "saving the day" and stealing the spotlight from all the other awesome characters.

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I think that the current Doctor from Doctor Who (the 11th) is really annoying, and that the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 10th were the best.
We'll agree to disagree here. I enjoy the 11th Doctor even though the 3rd will always be my favourite. The 9th Doctor really doesn't excite me.

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.....I hate that stupid pink d*mned monstrosity they like to call a ballgown from Kuroshitsuji.
With a passion. Seriously.
I enjoy seeing a really beautifully made version as cosplay. That takes skill. The thing is, the ballgown had such a minor part in the series that it's becoming a little obnoxious to see it so often.

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Breast Cancer has become an advertising tool to take advantage of women. Seriously, don't buy products with the pink ribbon, don't wear pink, just donate STRAIGHT to a breast cancer group.
Breast cancer isn't pink and poufy and pretty. It's an illness that kills people. Donate because you want to help find a cure, not because I bought a cup of Yoplait yogurt in the dining hall during my ten-minute break.

There's too much of a risk with coffee that it won't taste good. I also think that decaf is a bit pointless.
For me, tea is good as long as it isn't sweetened or over-brewed. Fruit teas make me feel like I'm drowning in sweetness.

@Penny_Dreadful: I love your signature.

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