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Thought I posted here, but I guess not.

@Seifer -

Fat Suit: I just need to fill in the area between the chest and the belly for the fat suit. I could probably remove the arms and use the stuffing for that. The arms were causing the fins to bunch up.

Workout: Right now the workout has slowed down a bit since the weather got rainier, but I have continued to lose weight through dieting. I've lost 17 of the 30 lbs I want to before Sakura-con. Need to pick up the workout again because these last 13 lbs are going to be much more difficult.

Fiberglass: I'm hoping to use the fiberglass medium more in the future as it is pretty nice and solid. The only thing I don't like about my Pen Pen head is that it's a little cocked to one side when I wear it. I'm not sure how to adjust that except maybe add some padding in the hard hat to balance it out. I was thinking of doing Raku's head similarly to Tatter Paxie in that thread. She was at Fanime, right? We may have two Tatterpaxies this year.

Something Dissidia Related: I think Pat (our Kefka) is hoping to have his done before Sakura-con. We'll see. He is guaranteed to be scaring some small children with his laugh. I also think it would be cool to see if we can get someone to do Kefka in his final boss form as well.

Cosplay updates: Lots of people liked his Shadow at the last con. I was happy to go to a con again and it looks like the next one for me will be Sakura-con. When will your next con be?

Sabin & Edgar: I forgot if you told me or not, but what is he making Yoko's sword out of? I bet the new Edgar is going to look pretty cool. I can definitely see wanting to test these costumes out before the con. It sounds like it was a good idea with Terra this weekend. I'm happy the wigs arrived.

Upcoming projects: I just have to put a couple hours per day into doing this Cecil cosplay, and I should have him finished. I do need to make sure everything is going to fit well before going to the Con like you said. I think doing 12k around Fanime would be a good idea. Another Reference for Setzer - It looks like some more scarf fun. For Pen Pen's nostrils, I did the tight zig zag stitch lid you were saying. Jennie did that with my sewing machine once to make some basic embroidered curves, and it worked pretty well.

Terra shoot and dress: Double post forgiven (should have responded faster). Is the sword going to be fixable? That's too bad about the photographers. I had the issue at Aki-con as well. When I was shooting the one who was cosplaying Nu Wa, there were some that just butted in and started telling her how to pose without asking me if it was okay (since I was with her initially). Is replacing the boning going to require seam ripping the entire dress apart? It's good the embroidery hasn't gotten too messed up. I suppose clay should work. It seems like resin is so touchy.
In Progress:

Pen Pen (Evangelion) - 10%
Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia) - 95% - wig needs restyling.
Cecil Harvey (FF Dissidia) - 10%


Emperor Gestahl (Final Fantasy VI)
Rakushun Rat form (Twelve Kingdoms)
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Link Zora Armor (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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