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Another coffee hater here, I tried the stuff and it just sucked the moisture right out of my mouth!

I'll add another- I'm an artist and a creative person in general, and I don't think it's automatically offensive to make creative works based on real world events. The founder of regretsy seems to think that EVERY creative work that references 9/11, or any other tragic/sad event constitutes "tragicrafting", and is therefore horrible. I disagree. Yes, some of the stuff people come up with lacks imagination. (All those crying eagle or poodle images made after 9/11, by people who seemed to all be using the same clip art collection). And I agree that some stuff is just plain crass- I've heard of somebody making a hurricane Katrina costume, complete with little plastic dead babies, to name just one. And I'm sure somebody, somewhere is already planning a Hurricane Sandy redux.

But I've also seen creative responses to tragic events that were beautiful- beautiful poems, artwork, and other things made by people who use creative mediums as their means of expressing emotion or ideas. And I don't think it's fair to tar and feather those folks right along with people who think it's cool to troll message boards, making awful jokes about people who died. (Yes, I saw somebody do this once- we were discussing that 9/11 documentary filmed by those french filmmakers who were following a crew of firefighters. Some idiot came on, talking about how hilarious it was. For real.)
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