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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
Another coffee hater here, I tried the stuff and it just sucked the moisture right out of my mouth!

I'll add another- I'm an artist and a creative person in general, and I don't think it's automatically offensive to make creative works based on real world events. The founder of regretsy seems to think that EVERY creative work that references 9/11, or any other tragic/sad event constitutes "tragicrafting", and is therefore horrible. I disagree. Yes, some of the stuff people come up with lacks imagination. (All those crying eagle or poodle images made after 9/11, by people who seemed to all be using the same clip art collection). And I agree that some stuff is just plain crass- I've heard of somebody making a hurricane Katrina costume, complete with little plastic dead babies, to name just one. And I'm sure somebody, somewhere is already planning a Hurricane Sandy redux.

But I've also seen creative responses to tragic events that were beautiful- beautiful poems, artwork, and other things made by people who use creative mediums as their means of expressing emotion or ideas. And I don't think it's fair to tar and feather those folks right along with people who think it's cool to troll message boards, making awful jokes about people who died. (Yes, I saw somebody do this once- we were discussing that 9/11 documentary filmed by those french filmmakers who were following a crew of firefighters. Some idiot came on, talking about how hilarious it was. For real.)
Right off the top of my head I can name two absolutely hauntingly beautiful pieces of artwork that relate to a tragedy of some sort.

Black Black Heart relating to oil spills

and Helpless (warning: child harm) which was done by the artist after they heard about Yueyue, a Chinese toddler who was struck twice by two different drivers in a Chinese market. Both drivers where aware they hit her, and left her bleeding to death in the market stall with multiple shoppers ignoring her. She eventually passed away, at the age of two, and this story gained national attention and sparked a law change in China which would provide legal safety to citizens who assist someone who is injured or ill.

Both of these pieces are gorgeously done, tasteful, respectful, and provide commentary on their subjects in a stunning way. Art is a method of communication, it isn't just animu and kawaii desu~. Unfortunately we've forgotten the arts capacity for communication without words and may shun it's valuable resources without even realizing it.

That said, I DO understand where someone would get angry. Shortly after everything in Japan I saw deviantART plastered with thoughtless images of Hetalia characters comforting 'Japan' in some half baked yaoi style bullshit. A national emergency is not your opportunity to draw a character based on the nation of Japan bloodied and beaten while America gives him the bedroom eyes you sick freak. Take that shit and get out of my face.

The key is respect and intent. Many of the pictures I mentioned about Japan where just absolute offensive nonsense with no intent other then to draw some fucking yaoi fanart of a horribly beaten and bloodied Japan character while another super sexy desu country tenderly licks their wounds clean. It's not respectful, it's just yaoi fanart your passing off as a homage.
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