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Originally Posted by winterfell View Post
Hey, new here and I'm curious about binding. I'd rather make sure to do it right before I hurt myself.

I'm 40DD (I feel defeated already lol) and have been looking into this site as well a this style.

The faqs recommended this one for larger breasts size. Mostly I came here to get a second opinion on whether this will be good enough to keep my size down without looking too awkward. Thanks in advance for any advice!
I'm a 32DD and I got this one from T-kingdom ( to see how it would work. I would have gone for the one you linked but I didn't want the zip at the front.

Overall it works pretty well It flattened me out (all be it with this much up there I still had a bit of a bulge) and was really comfortable. I wore it for 2 days for about 6-8 hours and never once felt like I was being pinched, squashed or aching. It freaked my boyfriend out when I walked out and lost a few sizes!
I realised after the weekend that with a bit of moving around I could move my boobs lower down in the binder to make them feel less like they're almost at my shoulders which made them look better. It's all about making ti fit with your body shape and what feels comfy.

So from my experience I would recommend trying something from them if you want something more affordable than other places.
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