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That one, "Helpless" is just incredible, sad to look at. When I was planning my first trip to NYC, I was researching Tribute WTC, a memorial museum adjacent to the WTC site. One thing I found was a newsletter put out by the organization that runs it, referring to an off-off Broadway play coming out, called "Before Your Very Eyes", that dealt with 9/11. They were asking their members "Should there be plays about 9/11?"

I say yes, why not? If an individual feels that the play might trigger or re-traumatize them, they can choose to avoid it. And if it's badly written trash that treats NYC or the victims with disrespect, word will get out, and people will avoid it. Sometimes I feel that when it comes to writing, making art, or otherwise doing creative work based on or inspired by tragic events, it's a greater affront to throw those events down the memory hole, to dance around them like the 800 pound gorillas in the room that everyone's afraid to deal with. Sure, in issuing some moral proclamation that a certain event is off limits, and us creatives should "Have some decency" and not touch it, you might stop a few clowns from parading around in crassly made Hurricane Sandy or crashed plane costumes. But how many other good things will that edict also stifle, and how much else will get caught up as collateral damage? I don't even think such an edict would stop the truly crass- it might actually spawn MORE crassness, or worse stuff from contrary types who relish pushing boundaries, or who just plain don't like being told what to do.
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