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So, I started doing a bit of work the other day. I'm gonna go a bit different route this time than the scratch builds I usually do. I'm planning on refinishing my first katana, which was just a cheap set piece that my parents bought me when I was a kid, and is currently in disrepair.

The tsuba, saya, and fittings are going to be reused as best I can, with modifications where necessary. The blade will be remade with something a bit more convention friendly, and a new tsuka or hilt will also have to be made. The tsukamaki or hilt wrapping is still up in the air on how I'll tackle it, suggestions are welcome. White and yellow tsuka-ito will come later for the corded wrappings as well as faux ray-skin for the same.

Not sure if its frowned upon as advertising or not, but for the sake of time I'm just going to post my progress album for those who want to peep some pics. 3

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