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Originally Posted by Access View Post
In the interests of saving time, one thing I do is save three common flash profiles (or two flash and one non-flash bracketed) to the C1, C2, C3 on the function dial, then fire off all three in quick succession and choose what works in the end.
I like your idea of using the user modes. The D7000 for example has two and that could at least be used for inside/outside.

Originally Posted by Surfsama View Post
Sell all your third-party flashes and triggers. Pick-up a couple of SB600 and use Nikon's CLS.

I read that article too and IMO, if youre really, REALLY into off camera flash (Im talking its your bread & butter and your photography style is sensitive to 1/3 stop) then m-a-y-b-e a 1/3 drop might be a small nuisance. Practically, I doubt you would notice for most cosplay photography and you can use FP mode (If you get flashes that support it) anyway.

BTW, the mighty 5D Mark III has a flash sync ofyup 200.
I don't know about Nikon, but with Pentax, their built-in wireless system has range and line of sight issues. I do know many cameras have 1/200th or less (Pentax being 1/180th), but with my options still open, I'm looking for the best tool given the lighting setup. I agree that FP/HSS is convenient, so getting at least one flash capable of that is still on the list right now.
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