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Fanime's been talking about a "Photographer" badge for years.

For a long time I didn't care, and I'm still happy to pay the money and support the con. However, I tend to be involved with a lot of industry stuff these days, and more and more it's getting difficult to do the things I have to do at a con on a normal badge. I also run a non-cosplay coverage site, that does reviews etc in addition to event coverage, so I've been press more often than not lately. It's critical for the ability to skip lines if you're doing events back-to-back, and for the reserved up-front seating at events if you need to shoot them.

I do think that people who are just doing cosplay shoots shouldn't be exploiting the press badge option. It hurts the convention (since they lose the badge sales), damages the credibility of the press pass, and eventually makes it much harder for people who really need a press badge to get one.
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